Statutory Maternity Pay….surviving…sort of…

If you were a full time working woman and you’ve recently had your first child, i can guarantee statutory maternity pay has hurt you…bad.

The thing is, when i used to feel a bit crap id visit a make up counter and then Zara. Id spend £100 and feel better. Yep, just like that. It was a wonderful quick fix that i’ve missed dearly.

I’m now about £50 short for my outgoings before i even step foot out of the house and i’m having to retrain my brain that my partner needs to support me.

Below are some of the things that are getting me through –

1. Coconut oil…..for everything! Between £2 and £5 depending if you go to a local mom and pop shop or want an organic jar from Boots. Useful for; cradle cap, leave in conditioner, eye make up remover, bath soak or moisturiser. I have also mixed it with salt as a scrub! This really has been my all round beauty saviour and i do think i’ll keep it up even when I’m earning again.

2. M & S energy…possibly not the cheapest supplier but their customer service is fantastic they answer the phones quickly and they send you vouchers every few months. Great to treat yourself, pick up something for baby or food shopping.

3. Kiehls products! Their BB cream is wonderful for a quick slap fix to hide tiredness, it did cost me £22.50 but its surprisingly long lasting. Also…… have you experienced the freebies?! Kiehls are amazing at handing them out, and not just naff sachets but miniature bottles of all their new products. This way you can feel like you’ve bought half the counter even if its only for a week.

4. Ebay – Sell some of your old clothes. Its suprising how much topshop, zara etc fetches second hand. Use this money to buy some new items on ebay or one new item.

5. Clothes swap parties. Hold one with some friends, maybe those on maternity leave with your babbas or find a local one. You always think you are only taking tat, thats what everyone else is thinking too, but you always come away with a couple of items and its completely free.

6. Baby items – There are plenty of Mums buying and selling groups on Facebook, find a local one to you as they great for second hand baby items and meeting local mums too.

7. Hair – This really feels like a frivalous treat that you should do with out, but i found that mobile hairdressing saves you a fair bit. Just do your research first as the last thing you need is spending money and feeling unhappy with the results.

8. Keeping in touch days at work – You should have 10 that you can use whilst you’re on leave, often you only have to go in for a few hours and get paid for the day.

Do you have any money saving or coping strategies? Im currently trying to work out meal saving ideas as we seem to spend SO much on food. Please share your ideas below in the comment box, it’d be great to have more!

A little something for the Mums….

“Its SO hard”


“Enjoy your sleep now!”

Remember being pregnant, anxious but excited? Remember these phrases? Remember thinking just shut up and how hard can it be? Well its been tough hasn’t it…..

I remembering thinking pah! Who needs new mummy friends – I’ve got friends! I don’t want to talk about nappy creams and sleep routines. I want to see all of the friends I always see, and talk about everything else that interests me, outside of my baby world!

It turns out a lot of my friends are still at the pub. It also turns out that I LOVE to have mummy friends who are also sleep deprived but battling on and making life work on their maternity pay. They are giving me advice because they’ve been there, know its completely normal to cry because i feel lonely, over whelmed and miserable one day but actually giddy happy being a mum the next. These mums inspire me each day. These mums need to get together and take moments to be who they are, sometimes without their baby or child and take time out to socialise, learn and enjoy themselves. This is why I have created “not another mum and baby group” A place to get together and share with some time to be you and not always mum.